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Job Descriptions for Operating Room Assistant Scrub Technicians

Colonial Federal Healthcare, LLC is looking to hire (3+FT) Operating Room Nursing Assistant Surgical Scrub Technician(s).

Primary duties and responsibilities (70%):

Performs duties for scheduled and emergency surgical procedures to include but not limited to:
  • Case room preparation, surgical hand scrubs, inventory, assemble and test instrumentation

  • before incision, closed gloving gowning, gloving surgical team, creating and maintaining

  • sterile fields, receiving and labeling medications from circulating Registered Nurses, verbally

  • identifying surgical sites with spreading Registered Nurses.

  • Evaluate the patient's ongoing needs during the intra-operative intervention and take required actions.

  • Performs as First Assistant when the situation arises, assisting the Surgeon in the positioning and

  • intra-operative care of the patient.

  • Demonstrate expert knowledge of the principles and practices of good aseptic techniques

  • necessary for the treatment of patients undergoing surgical procedures.

  • Immediately corrects any breaks in aseptic techniques by any surgical team member, identifies documents, findings, and reports to the Charge Nurse Supervisor, and corrects any unsafe condition possibly leading to contamination.

Sterilization, Processing, and Distribution (SPD): (10%)

Assist with the duties of the Medical Supply Technician with the following:
  • Use an appropriate level of Personal Protective Equipment when dealing with contaminated instrumentation.

  • Follow strict Infection Control practices to reduce the risk of occupational exposure to Bloodborne Pathogens at all times.

  • Inventory & decontaminated all surgical instrumentation from the Operating Room and other units within the facility in preparation for re-sterilization of items.

  • Decontamination & sterilization powered surgical instruments.

  • Check instrumentation for proper functioning before sterilization.

  • Package and wrap items prepared for sterilization, storage, or transport. Distribute sterilized equipment to departments.

  • Operate Ultrasonic cleaners, washer-sterilizers, autoclaves, liquid-chemical sterilizers, and gas ignition sterilizers following industry standards of sterilization techniques.

  • Perform and document biological monitoring results on all sterilizers.

  • Track and document all loads processed by sterilizers.

  • Submit monthly report to supervisor on the 1" Friday of each month or as recommended.

  • Perform daily, weekly, and monthly preventive maintenance on equipment to the extent described in the operator's manuals—document according to department guidelines.

  • Contact Vendors when preventive maintenance is due, or repairs are needed. Document all contact interventions.

  • Work with other units to train staff on proper decontamination and transporting contaminated equipment.

Medical Supply: 20%

  • Possess the ability to learn computer skills for operative procedures.

  • Possess good organizational skills to track and follow up on work orders & supply requests.

  • Inventory, submit orders, and restock supplies utilized within the perioperative department.

  • Knowledge of good supply practices, "rotation of stock," and "first in-first out." Check for

            outdated when restocking

  • Establish and maintain PAR levels and understand Re-order Points and Just-In-Time Inventory


  • Participate in departmental QA/PI program to ensure the correct item at the right time is available.

Knowledge required by the position:

  • Knowledge and skill of various surgical procedures are necessary to prepare the patient and operating room for complex, extensive processes.

  • Knowledge in evaluating the needs of patients undergoing surgical procedures to assist

       the Circulating Nurse.

  • Knowledge of minimally invasive procedures, including Endoscopy, Laparoscopy, Arthroscopy, and colonoscopy.

  • Knowledgeable of the Aseptic Technique and microbiology concept is sufficient to understand disease transmission, infection prevention, and the decontamination and sterilization of instrumentation.

  • Knowledge of all aspects of the sterilization process, including decontamination and cleaning of instrumentation, steam, liquid, and gas sterilization, biological monitoring processes, packaging and wrapping techniques, storage, and shelf-life characteristics.

  • Ability to recognize a wide variety of instruments and supplies and to discriminate among

       similar-appearing items.

  • Knowledge of the care and handling of surgical instruments and supplies and the protocols for sponge, needle, and instrument counts

  • Knowledge and skill in anticipating surgeon's needs and preferences during operative procedures.

  • Ability to recognize adverse signs and symptoms and react promptly in emergencies.

  • Knowledge of safety factors about the operating room and ability to identify and provide

  • a safe environment for the patients.

  • Knowledge of standard medical terminology.

  • Knowledge and skill in basic computer software operations, including e-mail, word

  • processing, ITAS, and basic data entry. The Supervisory Clinical Nurse will provide training on specific applications.

  • Knowledge and skill to guide the orientation of new personnel.

Work Schedule: Regular work hours are Monday through Friday for eight (8) from 07:30 AM- 4:00 PM

Job Type: Six months contract

Salary: $45,000-$55,000


  • Health insurance

  • 401(K)

  • Two Weeks of paid vacation

  • Seven days of sick leave per year

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