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Government Healthcare Staffing

Government Healthcare Staffing

At Colonial Federal Healthcare, we stand at the forefront of facilitating comprehensive healthcare solutions in partnership with both the federal government and private sectors. Our journey is characterized by synergies with highly skilled leaders from various industries and government realms. This collaborative approach has enabled us to develop a potent set of core competencies that distinguish us in the market.


Our Core Competencies

Our prowess extends far beyond just healthcare staffing. Our competencies encapsulate a gamut of services designed to offer complete, bespoke solutions to our clients. Here's an overview of what we bring to the table:


  1. Healthcare Staffing: Leveraging our extensive network of healthcare professionals, we provide top-tier medical staffing solutions that align with the unique requirements of each assignment.

  2. Administrative and Clerical Support: Our team is equipped to offer administrative and clerical support that ensures the smooth running of healthcare facilities, enhancing efficiency and productivity.

  3. Professional Support Services: We specialize in offering professional support services that add value to healthcare operations, fostering an environment of excellence and innovation.

  4. Program and Strategic Planning: Our expertise extends to assisting clients in program and strategic planning, facilitating the formulation of strategies that drive successful healthcare initiatives.


Specializing in Staff Augmentation

Central to our service offering is our specialty in staff augmentation, catering to federal government entities, state/local government bodies, and private industry clients. Through this, we ensure our clients can access the right talents at the right time, fostering seamless operations and growth.


Accreditation and Certification

At CFH, we hold the significant accreditation of having a Federal Supply Schedule (FSS) 621 I. This underpins our commitment to quality and excellence and facilitates collaboration with government entities.


Federal Supply Schedule (FSS) 621 I Details:


  • Contract Number: 36F79718D0574

  • Organized Under: General Services Administration (GSA)

Through this schedule, we are equipped to provide unparalleled professional and allied healthcare staffing services, aligning with the stringent standards expected by government organizations.

Partner with Colonial Federal Healthcare

We invite you to explore a partnership with Colonial Federal Healthcare, where innovation meets tradition and commitment meets excellence. Together, we can forge a pathway to enhanced healthcare delivery characterized by professionalism and efficiency.

Contact Us


25050 Riding Plz,

Ste 130-645

Chantilly, VA 20152

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                                                  (703) 810-7500

                                                  (703) 496-5319


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